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The Firm

Welkin was founded in 2009 with the vision of leveraging our unique resources and family heritage to level the playing field for promising companies in China. Since inception, all of our companies have achieved extraordinary success and growth, allowing their shareholders and management teams to realize outsized value.


Organic Growth

With the help of our strategic resources and the implementation of value creation strategies, our companies have achieved exceptional success.


Value Accretion

The value of our companies have grown significantly as a direct and indirect result of Welkin's investment and value-add.


Combined Market Value

Companies in which we invested since 2009 are today valued at around $10 billion, more than three times greater than at the time of our investment.


Combined Employees

Our investments have created more than 2,000 jobs at our companies and contributed over a billion to the local economy across 5 provinces in China.


We are an active, strategic investor that creates high-impact, long-term value by drawing upon our unique, powerful resource base.


Influential networks, decades of company building experience and industry expertise, all at the disposal of our companies.

When we invest in a company, we leverage our strategic resources to help them expand into new markets, recruit top talent, reposition business strategies and access capital markets. Our investment professionals become dedicated resources to the entrepreneurs and management teams, working side by side with them to create value for all stakeholders.

  • Expand Markets
  • Recruit Talent
  • Strategic Repositioning
  • Capital Markets


          We are the largest investor in our funds, with over $100M in committed capital from our investment professionals. That means we invest from the mind set of entrepreneurs. We are driven to build long lasting value for all of our stakeholders.


          The scale of our relationship networks and depth of our industry expertise make us an ideal partner. But our strong values, passed on generations and ingrained in our firm culture, is what defines us.

          Welkin was founded by heirs of four influential business families in Greater China, whose heritage includes leaders in industrial, technology, consumer, financial services and real estate sectors in the region. We committed to the highest standards as a responsible investor.

          As our success grows, more families have joined our platform as investors, partners and advisors alongside leading institutional investors globally.

          • Founding Families
          • Family Participants
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